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Microsoft Certifies Conamex International with the Licensing Competency in the Microsoft Partner Program

Montreal, Quebec, Canada — December 22, 2005 Conamex, today announced it has attained the requirements for the Licensing Competency (SAM – Software Asset Management specialization) status in the Microsoft Partner Program, recognizing Conamex’s expertise and total impact in the technology marketplace. Conamex has demonstrated expertise with Microsoft technologies and proven ability to meet customers’ needs.

“We are extremely pleased to have attained the Licensing Competency status in the Microsoft Partner Program. This follows the Information Worker Competency and Small Business Community Specialist competencies and certifications in the last few weeks in addition to the nomination of our CIO Robert L’Esperance as a Top 5 finalist for the Technet Innovation Awards. This next level allows us to clearly promote our expertise and relationship with Microsoft to our customers,” said Elisabeth Vanderveldt, VP Business Development.

Conamex is the first SAM partner in the Montreal region. The growing importance of Software Asset Management is clear. Corporations can not only achieve significant savings and control on future purchases with SAM but also protect their current assets, as well as assuring their investors and the public that they are meeting the legal obligations of software compliance as required under, for instance, as a component of Sarbanes Oxley. We have clearly established our uniqueness in the Quebec market with this competency. Conamex has now set the stage for their Gold Certified Partner status, which will be officially acknowledged in the next two weeks. “Customers are looking for partner companies that can bridge the gap between their business demands and technology capabilities. They need to trust in someone that can act as an expert adviser for their long-term strategic technology plans. Microsoft Competencies are designed to help differentiate a partner’s capabilities with specific Microsoft technologies to customers looking for a particular type of solution. Each competency has a unique set of requirements and benefits, formulated to accurately represent the specific skills and services that partners bring to the technology industry.

Competency: Licensing (SAM – Software Asset Management)

Software asset management (SAM) offers companies the ability to meet the legal obligations of license compliance and the opportunity to reap financial rewards. SAM protects businesses’ software investment by helping them recognize the number and location of current software assets, providing ways to more efficiently manage those assets, and plan for future software acquisitions.

Software Asset Management Software Asset Management (SAM) is gaining momentum industry wide as an analyst-endorsed best practice. SAM helps customers significantly reduce the total cost of software ownership and improve operational efficiency. SAM can also support internal processes aimed at improving organizational governance and operational transparency.

SAM solutions partners have a solid understanding of the types of licenses used by all major software vendors as well as a detailed knowledge of Microsoft licensing programs. They combine licensing skills with strong diplomatic skills to help customers understand and address compliance issues, and to help customers realize and experience the ongoing benefits and efficiencies of Software Asset Management.
SAM solutions partners provide software asset and license management services to organizations of all sizes from small to very large enterprises. SAM consultancy includes:
o Reviewing policies and procedures.
o Using SAM tools.
o Performing license and software inventories.
o Matching deployments to licenses.
o Developing SAM plans.

About Microsoft Partner Program

The Microsoft Partner Program was launched in December 2003 and represents Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to the success of partners worldwide. The program offers a single, integrated partnering framework that recognizes partner expertise, rewards the total impact that partners have in the technology marketplace, and delivers more value to help partners’ businesses be successful.

About Conamex International

Conamex International is a Microsoft centric and award winning software development firm that provides strategic consulting, deployment & management of technology products and services. We "partner" with our clients, providing the knowledge, expertise & experience to bring innovative & cost effective solutions to assist them in making informed decisions while mitigating risk & maximizing their return on investment, ensuring gains in operational efficiency & performance. Conamex specializes in business financial & process automation based on MS server, desktop & Office products, with certifications in areas such as network infrastructure, messaging, databases and security, using VB, VBA and .Net (C#, VB) technology as our development platforms.

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