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Sharepoint is part of Microsoft's "People Ready" vision. The power, stability and security, once the domain of your network, is now ready to empower your people.

You already have SharePoint if you own Microsoft Server 2003 or Small Business Server 2003. Now learn what it can do to revitalize your work force.

Sharepoint cleans up your entire desk and those of your team members by placing all your work folders online. More importantly you "share" access to all or any part of any number of projects and then you control who and how each site is accessed. For the first time you can also give access to clients and suppliers so you are truly collaborating. You just can't get any more efficient.

Efficiency: No more multiple versions of the same document. Provide users with a single, web-based team environment.

Microsoft Office Integration: Deep integration with Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Word, Powerpoint and more) allowing teams to collaborate with tools they already use every day.

Find it: Using Sharepoint allows you to search ANY document across your entire enterprise more effectively than with traditional file servers.

Consolidation: Optimize your traditional file servers.

Customization: Get started immediately using any of over 30 templates and then add your own extras as needed.

Personalization: Imprint your corporate branding to every site, simply.

Collaboration: Whether it's a presentation, readying for an event, a reasearch paper, or a project, everyone can work from one document, from anywhere, any time (single site, on demand).

Alerts: With built-in alerts you'll always know when someone updates a document. Great for keeping clients and suppliers up to date.

Securely: Extend collaboration to your partners and customers. Finalize that contract, work order or project approval.

Small Business: Deploy Sharepoint Services (part of Small Business Server 2003) in minutes on a single server.

And more including case studies, white papers and give-aways.

You get the most up to date and relevant information and…Get the latest information on Microsoft rebates and promotions!

What you will gain from attending this seminar:

•Discover how easily you can get started with Sharepoint, right out of the box!

•Learn how to eliminate cumbersome adminstrative tasks.

• How to reduce complexity and cost: Sharepoint gives IT admininstrators the means by which to effect cost associated with site provisioning, site management and support, operations, and backup and restore

Securing your IT investment by using Sharepoint Portal Server.


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June 21, 2006

8:30 am - 9:00 am
9:00 am - 10:45 pm

Microsoft® Canada Co.
2000 McGill Ave.,
4th floor, Suite 450
Montreal, QC,

or Tel: (514) 381-1900


You could walk away with more than you imagined.



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