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ACCPAC Advantage Series is an advanced Web-based accounting solution built on a world-class, object-oriented, multitiered architecture. Designed for companies of all sizes, Advantage Series is the foundation for a completely integrated set of end-to-end business management applications.

The modular design of ACCPAC Advantage Series allows businesses to tailor the applications to precisely match their needs. And all of it built upon the ACCPAC International technology advantage, the result of more than 20 years in the accounting software industry.

A Flexible System, Customized for Your Specific Needs

The ACCPAC Advantage Series (Enterprise Edition, Corporate Edition, Small Business Edition and Discovery Edition) is four distinct product lines built from the same open, multitiered technology. Choose the business management system that's right for your business, regardless of size, industry, and functional requirements.

Accpac End-to-End Business Management Applications

ACCPAC End-to-End Business Management Applications are specifically designed to help you maximize productivity, leverage business intelligence, expand market reach and provide better service to your clients and business partners. Integrating powerful front-office Web and wireless capabilities with back-office accounting and fulfillment, ACCPAC provides companies with the solutions they need to enhance competitive advantage and increase profitability. Choose from the products below to learn more about ACCPAC End-to-End Business Management Applications:

ACCPAC advanced accounting solutions are the heart of our End-to-End Business Management Applications - and your business success. By offering complete suites of front and back office applications, you get instant integration, flexible deployment options, advanced customization features and unmatched investment protection. From establishing a full-featured Web store, to processing orders with complete warehouse fulfillment or providing employees, customers and partners with real-time Web access to critical information, you can count on ACCPAC to deliver the fully integrated solutions you need to succeed.

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